About Stile Metadesign

Excellence of our cultural heritage for feeding the planet

Stile Metadesign is an innovative communication project that aims to open a dialogue between generations and promote a continuity of the qualities that distinguish and identify our culture as universal heritage.
Stile Metadesign is a quarterly magazine that presents an innovative format, graphic and contents with topics that range from art and design to local culture. This new approach redefines the idea of the project and wants to give visibility to young professionals.
The column “Borsa Nuovi Artisti” represents a whole new concept for young people who aim to be part of the art market. Artists will be able to contact the editors of Stile Metadesign – editor@stilemetadesign.it – and get critical reviews and painting valuations from the best experts, thanks to the collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia SantaGiulia.
The new editorial experience focuses on Italian qualities, showing its leadership in the art world. Stile Metadesign aims to open and foster a debate between institutions, businesses, apprentices and master professionals proving that good habits are replicable models for a renewed creative culture.