Archive For February, 2014

Maddalena Fanconi

Maddalena Fanconi realized this work to give form to the beginning words of Genesis, and precisely to the ones describing with incomparable power the passage between the second and the third day of Creation: a complex and well-structured artwork, in which she has been able to condense, firstly, the depth of her faith, but at the same time the cultural references guide beyond the piousness, proposing unexpected travel in art history.

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Arianna Zannoni

Arianna Zannoni’s research has continued for several years with coherence, acquiring an extremely refined lyrical language. Able to express herself through different media, from the two-dimensional work to the intervention in the space, from photography to video, Arianna Zannoni has demonstrated the ability to experiment with materials, even when she works on commission – the latest one is the project for the ninth edition of Mechanics of Wonders – and to interpret the concept of space and time with absolute originality.

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