Arianna Zannoni

The Artist

Arianna Zannoni’s research has continued for several years with coherence, acquiring an extremely refined lyrical language.

Able to express herself through different media, from the two-dimensional work to the intervention in the space, from photography to video, Arianna Zannoni has demonstrated the ability to experiment with materials, even when she works on commission – the latest one is the project for the ninth edition of  Mechanics of Wonders – and to interpret the concept of space and time with absolute originality.

Critical Analysis

Without ever being too explicit, indeed she often gives to the component of memory as place of image but also of the removed, the task of transmitting the deeper message of her research.

Here then the video Carillon, already displayed at Palazzo Tosio Martinengo in an exhibition organized in June 2013 by the Academy of Fine Arts SantaGiulia, that the artist herself describes with great and clean awareness:

“The video is a fixed camera shot of a music box, in which a rocking pony and a teddy bear are the only elements that move in a continuous and repetitive way.  The original melody of the music box expands over time and each note is uncertain. ”


Zannoni’s works and installation certainly find their best destination in the context of spaces

open to site-specific artistic interventions but also in private collections attentive to the new artistic generation, which moves towards a new Narrative and Conceptual Art.

The financial value of the video is extremely complex to define and varies depending on the circulation of sellable copies and on its installation, as well as on the market value of the artist herself.

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Artist: Arianna Zannoni
Title: Carillon
Time: 5’00’’
Year: 2013
Place: Brescia
Technique: HD-video, color, sound
€ 500,00