Filippo Nicea Bovolini, Net Artist

Filippo Nicea Bovolini, Net Artist

Creativity is the creation of new connections between known facts. Filippo Nicea Bovolini, a first-year student on the “New Technologies of Art” course, understood this very well and skillfully reprocessed fragments of code through the “Processing” programming language.

The Project

Filippo dreams of becoming a game designer and bringing to life new realities belonging to virtual spaces. Passionately studying and reinventing programming codes, he has brought the “glitch” to video. A glitch is an intentional error that destroys the image, consequently creating something entirely new which is usually seen on individual frames, on photographs personalised by the Net Artist through unpredictable colour drop effects. In order to materialise his idea, Filippo used the Xbox Kinect device. This device, created to move virtual characters by detecting the player’s movements, has three cameras: one similar to a common webcam, an IR beam that maps air and volumes and a third one that detects the feedback of IR data. The images detected by the Kinect device are then returned to the PC, transformed from glitches into movement. And just think that Filippo Nicea would have liked to enrol at the Motory Science Faculty! Computers fascinate him, but he saw his future as coach of Parkour rather than as a programmer. The destruction of things thrills him: this is the origin of the push towards the genial study of “glitch”.

Net Art

Filippo’s Ki-Glitch is a continuous work-in-progress seeking new enhancements and possibilities, in the on going expansion of the merely mental limitations of virtual spaces.