The field of the hybrid presence

The form of the Siren and the detail of her structure.

Desi Capelli restores and renews in the present day the lost code of new monumentality which over the last century strengthened and provided the great figurative history with the symbolist, decadent, post-futurist and metaphysical school of the Italian “Novecento”.


Desi Capelli – The birth of the mermaid

Marine themes, concealed and abyssal, take on an accent and visibility at the hand of this young decorator and sculptor from Trento, who studied at the Verona Fine Arts Academy and now revives the story of the Siren in our scenario. This vital presence, brand new and fascinating, enveloped in the swells and sudden waves of our troubled times, emerges from the waters of oblivion in the event which, from the creation of hybrids, rekindles the allegorical and fairy-tale suggestion of our memory.

Desi Capelli - The birth of the mermaid

Desi Capelli – The birth of the mermaid

Here the material captures a grazing light which overexposes the scaly weft of the marine body through the animated vibration of the alternating fans on the abdominal shell, simultaneously enhancing the firmness, the smoothing and the absorbed delicacy of the upper human form, with a tense gestural expression that gives an enchanting and unfamiliar feeling.
In this tormented suggestion and this effervescent plastic “living” dream we must recognise and point out the sense and exclusiveness that the Author presents, launching the pattern of a thick, light trellis into an absolute vacuum, following the dynamic wave from which the mythical form emerges in the enveloping vortex of the developing space.